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Basically the story goes that I joined tumblr a long time ago, when I was really little and couldn't really see the appeal of the site. Fast forward a few years and I tried to make account again, only to find that I already had one with the URL 'departmentofmysteryies', typo and all. I hated the url but at the time i didn't know how to change it so, instead of being stuck eternally with a url with a horrible spelling error, I just made a side blog with a better url. Later i learned that you could change your url, but it was far too late. I already had followers and a blog I'm proud of. So now I essentially use that blog as my main blog, and this one's just here to tell you that, if you've gotten a message from this blog or this account followed you or something like that, it's really Johanna, over at ofdemonsandtimelords, which you should go follow instead. I love all of you guys, and I'll see you around.

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